Panama Marine Services S,A,


Panama Canal Transit

PANAMA MARINE SERVICES, S.A provides a full Panama Canal Transit services by recognizing that the Panama Canal represent a very important expense on most trade routes, our team concentrates efforts in providing the appropriate advice to our principals by professionally explaining the possible scenarios in terms of expected delays and costs when their vessels arrive to the Panama Canal for transit.


Panama Canal Transit

  • Panama Canal Transit Reservations (from 1 year and a half before transit for Passenger Vessels and 1 year for all other types, up to two days before arrival for any customer wishing to bid on the auction period)
  • ETA Submittals
  • Passenger/Crew List Submittals
  • Cargo Declarations prior to arrival (including Baplies)
  • Placing Bank Guarantees
  • EDCS Submittals
  • Arrival/Departure Reports
  • Daily Updates on Canal Situation and Warning on Sudden Increases or Decreases on Waiting Times

This information certainly assists in minimizing costs when using the waterway and maintaining schedule integrity. A complete range of services required at the Panama Canal for each type of vessel (Car Carriers, Container Vessels, General Cargo Vessels, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Reefer Vessels, Barges, etc), is provided by our group.

Port Call Services

Our team will ensure the required documentation as well as the coordination with the terminals, Authorities and Guarantees necessary to ensure successful service.

  • Loading and Discharging (Container, Tanker, Car Carriers)
  • Pilot Coordination
  • STS (Ship to Ship)
  • Water Supply
  • Slot/Sludge/Garbage Disposal
  • Provisions
  • Bunker/Lube Oil Sampling and Dispatching
  • Condition Surveys
  • ON/OFF Hire
  • Spare Parts Clearance and Transportation
  • Ship Repairs & Shore Assistance

Our team is very much aware of the importance of providing fast and efficient services, priority to keep minimum cost, protect the best interest of all parties and avoid any delay on any service that we performance.
Our team will be available to meet your expectations/requirements 24/7.